What happens during the inspection?

1. General

It is emphasized that this is an illustrative description. The detailed process and requirements will be specified by the relevant regulations.

Our terms of delivery are two shared, and consists of:

  • FORCE Certification A / S’s general conditions and
  • Our General provisions for inspection, ABC INSP.

ABC INSP is always current and includes the requirements that apply to obtain an inspection by AT’s national regulations.

According to the notices of use, installation, modification, repair, etc.. of lifts it is at any time the owner or the person responsible use of a lift to ensure that the statutory inspection / verification (hereinafter used summary “inspection”) will be made on time.

The owner / operator must ensure that the necessary studies for the inspection can be performed safely with full regard for OHS legislation, including the necessary security against inadvertent starting example. by inspecting the shaft.

If it is judged that there is no possibility to carry out the inspection in accordance with the above guidelines, control will not be executed.

2. Application

The following activities must be carried out when the owner / user / elevator service company applying for inspection of a lift:

  • The owner / user / elevator service company shall submit an application to FORCE Certification A / S
  • FORCE Certification A / S prepares an appropriate test procedure or a relevant test program.
  • It agreed a timetable for the inspection.

3. The inspection

Applicant submits the technical information on the scope including the relevant calculations and drawings with description of the changes and why they have been performed if appropriate for the task. After reviewing the material made the appropriate inspections and any tests to verify that the elevator meets the applicable requirements.

The inspection is documented in an inspection report.

If FORCE Certification A / S’s inspector learns to lift the plant owner or responsible user is not willing to make good the shortcomings that have been pointed out by the inspector while the elevator continue to be kept in operation, FORCE Certification A / S according to Order no. 629/2008, § 42, obliged to inform the Labour Inspectorate thereof.

4. Rejection

If FORCE Certification A / S may refuse to approve an elevator system, will be given a detailed explanation. It will also be informed how an approval will be obtained. When the owner / user / elevator service company asks to either an inspection of the elevator system, this will most appropriately be directed to FORCE Certification A / S.

5. Any other reporting to the WEA

Where FORCE Certification A / S’s inspector that an elevator system have been exposed to breakdown, accident or incident, and that this has not been notified to the WEA, reported this by writing to the WEA. It will of the inspection report any report is made to the WEA.

6. Trip Planner

In the case of periodic inspection and testing of existing lifts will normally be elevator service companies that are planning a day trip, the service company fitter with FORCE Certification A / S’s inspectors inspect and test a predetermined number of elevators that day. If it had desired, FORCE Certification A / S also assume turplanlægningen.

7. Special conditions

There are a number of additional conditions as owner / user / elevator service company should be aware of. These are given in our general conditions of inspection, ABC INSP.

This includes following:

  • Company may not use FORCE Certification A / S’s brand or DANAK’s brand on the site inspected or in any kind of material (incl. Electronic / digital material).
  • FORCE Certification A / S treats all information that comes to employees, including if necessary. subcontractors aware during the inspection or otherwise, as confidential and will not disclose such to any unauthorized person without the company’s written approval.
  • Notwithstanding the foregoing, the company accepts that FORCE Certification A / S is required on request to allow the competent authority or DANAK all information necessary for the supervision of our accreditation.
  • FORCE Certification A / S is required to receive supervision visits from DANAK, and the company has to accept that such inspections may include the inspection activities of the company.
  • An appeal / complaint must be submitted in writing within 4 weeks after receipt of the decision or certification date, see ABC INSP.