Welding Consumables (Svejsetilsatsmaterialer)

Product certification of welding consumables covered by Construction Product Regulation (CPR) are issued according to:

  • Fulfilment of the Construction Product Regulation (CPR) as specified in EN 13479

As a Notified Body (ID no. 0200) we continuously follow co-operation work between Notified Bodies in Europe and for this product maintain a membership of CPR – SG17.

Our scheme covers these types of welding consumable products:

  • wire electrodes
  • rods
  • tubular cored electrodes
  • covered electrodes
  • fluxes

A successful certification will result in a Fabric Production Certificate (FPC) covering  manufacturing of welding consumable.

The production must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Manufacturer´s product specification
  • Requirements of ABC-Weldcons
  • Requirements of the actual welding consumables classification standard
  • Requirements of EN/ISO 544
  • European guidelines issued under CPR and sub-group SG17.

and your quality system  shall fulfill:

  • the requirements of ABC-Weldcons
  • the quality system must be documented and fulfill the requirements of EN 12074
  • the requirements of other acceptable certification standards (eg. as ISO 9001:2008), if applicable
    requirements in additional normative documents
    all European guidelines issued under the CPR regulation and sub-group SG17.
Kasper Munk Eliasen

Kasper Munk Eliasen


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