1st January 2018 the new OIML-CS (OIML Certification System) was launched by the OIML organization.

OIML-CS has two types of certification ‘Scheme A’, which is similar to the old OIML MAA certificate, and ‘Scheme B’, which is similar to the old basic certificate. There is however in the new system only one Scheme active for each Recommendation, so either Scheme A certificates or Scheme B certificates can be issued based on the classification of the Recommendation.

From the start OIML R76 Non-automatic weighing instruments and OIML R60 Metrological regulation for load cells are in Scheme A, while all other recommendations are in Scheme B.

The first issuing authorities are expected to be appointed in March 2018, and we have applied for being issuing participant for the following recommendations.

Scheme A

  • R76:2006 Non-automatic weighing instruments

Scheme B

  • R50:2014 Continuous totalizing automatic weighing instruments (belt weighers)
  • R51:2006 Automatic catchweighing instruments
  • R61:2017 Automatic gravimetric filling instruments
  • R106:2011 Automatic rail-weighbridges
  • R107:2007 Discontinuous totalizing automatic weighing instruments
  • R129:2000 Multi-dimensional measuring instruments
  • R134:2006 Automatic instruments for weighing road vehicles in motion