Automatic weighing instruments – AWI

Before you start selling (put on market) your automatic weighing instrument it must undergo a type examination and certification in accordance with the European Measurement Instrument Directive 2014/32/EU (MID), if it is to be used for applications, where the weighing result forms the basis for trade, duties or taxation.

FORCE Certification A/S can as a notified body issue European type examination certificates according to MID for the following products:

  • Continuous totalising automatic weighing instruments (belt weighers)
  • Automatic catchweighing instruments
  • Automatic gravimetric filling instruments
  • Automatic rail-weighbridges
  • Discontinuous totalising automatic weighing instruments (totalising hopper weighers)

The type examination and testing is normally performed by FORCE Technology

If you only produce a single or a few of an automatic weighing instrument type and uses modules that have been tested earlier, then it will normally be easier to have a unit verification performed (MID module G) which we can also assist you with.

If you have questions to the type examination or certification please email the contact person.

For certification please fill in the application form document attached below.

There is one type of automatic weighing instrument that is not covered by MID,

Automatic instruments for weighing road vehicles in motion and measuring axle loads

This type is therefore still under national regulation, but FORCE Technology can perform the type examination for you issuing an accredited test report and assist you in obtaining a national type approval.

Information about issued certificates can be obtained from the contact person.

Cost of certification depends on the complexity of the product to be certified. Please send request for quotation to the contact person.