Danish accreditation scheme DANAK

FORCE Technology’s Weighing Lab has accreditation to perform type testing and examination of Complete weighing instruments as well as modules.

The accreditation is granted by the Danish accreditation scheme DANAK, which is the Danish accreditation under EA (European Accreditation).

DANAK is cooperating with the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation (ILAC) – an international cooperation of laboratory and inspection accreditation bodies.

The accreditation scheme is based on the ISO-17025 and ISO-17065 series of standards. Among the requirements of these standards are the following:

  • The laboratory concerned is both financially and administratively independent.
  • It has an approved system of control.
  • Both its premises and its testing equipment are of an appropriate standard.
  • Its management and staff are adequately qualified and experienced in the conduction of the tests concerned.
  • Standing routines have been established for calibration of testing equipment in a traceable fashion.
  • Accredited technical tests are only to be conducted using fully documented techniques.
  • The progress of accredited tests is to be registered in such a way that the testing procedure can be reconstructed in case of doubt.
  • The certification process guaranties impartiality.
  • The laboratory is subject to regular inspection by DANAK.

The requirements to be met by accredited testing laboratories and product certification bodies are laid out in the Danish Ministry of Industry Notice No. 913 dated 25 September 2009, on the accreditation of testing laboratories and certification bodies and approval of their activities with reference to OECD rules

The notice also lays down the requirements for an accredited laboratory to take out insurance to cover its liability in connection with the conduction of accredited tests.

Test reports for accredited tests bear the combined DANAK and ILAC accreditation mark, which show that the tests have been conducted in accordance with the accreditation requirements.

Certificates bear DANAK’s accreditation mark, which shows that the certification has been conducted in accordance with the accreditation requirements.