Our delivery terms is parted into 2 documents, our “General Conditions” and our “ABC – General Terms” relevant for specific product in question given below.

The requirements in ABC’s are mandatory for a certification process and can’t be dispensed.

Always applicable

FORCE Certification A/S –
General Conditions

Applicable for conformity assessments of products according to EU-Directives or Regulations – except CPR

ABC-EU Directives

General Terms for Conformity Assessment of Products, Processes and Services

Applicable for product certification according to CPR


General Terms for Conformity of Products according to EU construction Product Regulation

Applicable for product certification of reinforcement steel products

ABC-Reinforcement steel: General Terms for Certification of Reinforcement Steel Products

Applicable for product certification measuring equipments according to OIML Scheme


General Terms for Certification of Product according to OIML – CS Scheme

Applicable for product certification of gaming systems 


General Terms for Product Certification of Games Systems

Applicable for Management Systems and conformity assessment of products with continous surveillance

ABC-SYS, General Conditions for
Certification of Management Systems