In order to bring certain products onto the market in the EU, these products must be CE marked.

We can help you if you are looking for a certification of your quality system based on the quality modules (D, E, H and H1) in the EU directives below.

We have extensive knowledge and experience in certification of products and management systems. Therefore, we can provide you with the certification that you need.

Within the quality modules, we offer certification within the following selected product areas, EU directives and modules (quality modules):

  • Pressure equipment, PED – modules D, E, H and H1
  • Measuring instruments, MID – module D
  • Non-automatic weighing instruments, NAWID – module D
  • Personal Protective Equipment, PPER – module D and
  • Marine Equipment, MarED – modules D and E

For further information about FC’s accredited certification scope – please see this link:

Requirements underlying certification of quality management systems for modules covered by EU directives can be found at this link:

FORCE Certification A/S has been appointed as notified body to handle the relevant tasks within the framework of the mentioned EU directives.

Our authority within the quality modules is based on our accreditation for certifications of products based on ISO 17065 or for management systems under ISO 17021-1.

Peter Morell

Peter Morell

Technical Responsible

Overview of quality modules:

Module D: Conformity to EU-type based on quality assurance of the production process

Module E: Conformity to EU-type based on product quality assurance

Module H: Conformity based on full quality assurance

Module H1: Conformity based on full quality assurance plus design examination