Verification of design, alterations and repair of pressure equipment

FORCE Certification A / S’s services as an accredited inspection body include:

  • Verification of alterations of pressure equipment and devices
  • Verification of essential repair of pressure equipment and devices
  • Verification of the design of pressure equipment and units

For pressure equipment and devices according to order AT 99/07, which falls in the control class A and B, cf. Appendix 1 to this Order, the manufacturer/user/operator shall conduct an assessment of the equipment before it is delivered into use the first time after alterations or after essential repair.

In connection with the verification, the technical documentation shall be submitted to an inspestion (test) body. The requirements for verification are described in the Order chapter 4.

A verification includes the following activities:

  • The manufacturer shall submit the technical documentation, as described in the Notice Appendix III of module G, as appropriate, see TD1, TD2, TD3, TD4, TD5.
  • Testing and review of technical documentation by the examiner
  • Verification of repair / decor
  • Verification of the final test
  • FORCE Certification A/S stamps after verification equipped with FORCE Certification A/S’s logo and the year of verification
  • FORCE Certification A/S certificate of verification.

We shall supervice the test of each product or each production unit to verify compliance with the requirements.

We are accredited by DANAK by Order no. 99 of 31 January 2007 on the design, alteration and repair of pressure equipment as accredited inspection body for verification of pressure equipment for alteration or essential repair.

FORCE Certification A/S’s general conditions and our general rules for inspection, ABC INSP is valid for verification.

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