Steam boiler plant without constant monitoring

Assessment whether a steam boiler plants can be without the supervision of a boiler attendant in a given period, shall be based on the necessary information and tests on the steam boiler plant.

It is checked that in the steam boiler plant has a safety and control equipment installed, which is in accordance with the relevant harmonized standards and / or WEA specified guidelines. All necessary information shall be available to the inspection body – FORCE Certification A/S –  to assess compliance.

Verification of the special safety and control equipment is performed with the steam boiler in operation.

A certificate of conformity is issued for the tests carried out containing unambiguous and clear information on the steam boiler and the special safety and control equipment.

If it is decided that the operation of the steam boiler system can be done in a safe and fully responsible manner, the user is notified with following information:

  1. The time period the steam boiler can be operated without constant supervision of a boiler suit (maximum 72 hours)
  2. the frequency of the overhauls of the special safety and control equipment must be carried out,
  3. that any change in the special safety and control equipment requires reassessment and,
  4. the certificate of conformity must be inserted in the equipment log.