Operational Capability

Equipment which related to an inspection or pressure test or an otherwise identified non-conformity shall be examined  according to guidelines approved by the WEA in order to be kept in service (restricictions might be issued). The examination shall include a detailed risk analysis. The assessment is made by the owner / user and shall include a conclusion stating that an continued service of the equipment can be done in a safe and fully responsible manner.

This report, along with other relevant documentation shall be forwarded to FORCE Certification A/S for decision of possibility of the equipment’s continued service.

The examination shall be communicated to the user, and a decision of continued service shall include requirements stating the following:

  • the allowed operational period of the equipment
  • what specific tests to be performed
  • when the special studies/tests shall to be carried out
  • any restrictions in service or operation (pressure, temperature, individual access, ect.)