Corporate Self-Control

After the Danish Working Environment Authority (WEA) Executive Order (AT 1977/21) § 16, the periodic inspection of pressure vessels, boilers, piping and assemblies of control class A and B, also can be performed by companies as self-control in accordance with the Executive Orders Annex 6.

FORCE Certification A/S is accredited by DANAK as a certification body to certify the companys quality system designed to Self-Control.

The certification is carried out by our department for Quality Management Systems..

For your information, the company’s quality system shall fulfill the requirements listed in AT 1977/21, Annex 6 at a level corresponding to the relevant requirements specified in ISO 9001. The parts of the company, which determine the performance of the periodic test in accordance with its requirements shall be subject to the quality system.

If the manufacturer’s system of periodic inspection has already been ISO 9001 certified by an accredited certification body, FORCE Certification A/S will take into account the available existing audit reports when planning the scope of its audit. The documentation for the reduced auditscope shall be stored at FORCE Certification A/S.