Inspection (third party)

Do your technical equipment and installations comply with the requirements of quality and safety?

Inspection of your technical equipment and facilities can give you peace of mind about your equipment’s compliance with safety requirements including safety and environment. These requirements are described in the regulations on the design and use of technical equipment and installations.

FORCE Certification A/S conducts independent inspections of pressurized equipment in accordance with national regulations and through official appointments from authorities (agencies).

Our wide range of employees have collected many decades of experience in inspection (inspection and supervision) from time to time applicable requirements and regulations.

FORCE Certification A/S is an accredited inspection body type A (  according to DS/EN ISO 17020, see DANAK Reg. No. 9057.

FORCE Inspect Online


Pressure equipment

With increasing focus on efficiency, productivity and safety it is important that your pressure equipment  are  functioning optimal. You can only be sure by thorough inspection and regular testing.