Guide to Certification, Welding
EN ISO 9606-1/-2/-3/-4/-5 and ISO 14732

Background and area

The welder’s professional qualification is essential for the quality of welding work. In order to perform quality work the welder must hold certificates in plate or pipe welding:
In one or more of the materials:

  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • Nickel
  • Titan

and with one or more of the methods:

  • MMA
  • MIG welding
  • MAG welding
  • TIG welding
  • Gas welding – Others

When the welder has the required knowledge, he is set to an exam leading to the award of a certificate.

The examination of the welders’ practical skills and theoretical knowledge is carried out by FORCE Certification A/S (short “FC”), who is DANAK accredited as a certification body for approval of welders, etc. All examiners are approved by FC, and has a degree in international welding training IIW/ EWF or equivalent, which ensures that the issued accredited certificate complies with European and international requirements.

Before the exam

In cases where the welder’s skills are satisfactory, he/she immediately proceed to taking the test/examination.
In other cases, the welder must undergo an education and training that will qualify the welder to the test. The qualification can take place in the company, technical schools or open workshops (private course and training providers).

Registration for exams

The following must be arranged with the company/welder before the exam can be scheduled:

  1. Certificate Area / extension of validity.
  2. Standard.
  3. Language of eksamination etc.
  4. Place of examination.
  5. Number of people to be examined, including names, addresses, birthdays.
  6. Date of eksaminering.
  7. Welding process. For EN ISO 14732 establishes certification method 1 (procedure sample), 2 (pre-productionstest), 3 (workpiece acc. EN ISO 9606) or 4 (production sample) and a description of the welding unit.
  8. Base materials and filler material.
  9. Dimension of the welding test.
  10. Welding position.
  11. Welding procedure specification – WPS *. Requirements for WPS / pWPS of methods 1, 2, 3 and 4 of EN ISO 14732
  12. Statement by the company (Form 354), including any request to waive eksaminering in Job knowledge / welding technology
  13. Each welder must sign the following statement “As FORCE Certification A/S certified welder, I:
    • comply with the standard requirements on the use of the certificate and only refer to certification within the scope of certificate
    • not use the certificate in a way that brings FC into disrepute or in a way that FC interprets as wrong
    • be in agreement with that I no longer holds a FC certification, when a certificate is suspended or withdrawn, and I agree to return the certificates on request from FC. “
  14. Any requests from the company to use their own materials and / or own equipment at presentation of the work samples. The company must then raise the necessary documentation.

*) If education takes place at the company, the company must first prepare a welding procedure specification (WPS). It shall meet the requirements of the standard and simultaneously fit the company’s practical work. It requires a systematic review and determination of the welding work. If the company already has a WPS for the welding work, it can of course be used. Otherwise, our examiner prepare WPS’en on the company’s instructions.

Taking the examination

The examination may take place at FORCE Certification A/S or the company and consists of the following activities, all supervised by our examiner.

Within the desired procedure (WPS) the welder performs the necessary practical welding tests. Our examiner can provide the necessary documented materials for the tests, alternatively the company deliver these.
After welding tests are carried out, these are assessed through testing at an accredited testing body in accordance with the requirements of the standards (ISO 9606.) The examiner may stop the test if the conditions are not met, the weld is not performed correctly or if the welder does not have sufficient qualifications.

On request, we can examin the welder’s theoretical knowledge. This is called examination in Job knowledge.

Examination of welding operators follows ISO 14732.

If the result of test/examination satisfy the requirements of the standard, we issue an accredited certificate in accordance with standard EN ISO 9606/EN ISO 14732.


If the welder or business is dissatisfied with FORCE Certification A/S’s decision or performance, a written complaint shall be submittet to FORCE Certification A/S.