Guide for Certification of NDT Operators

– ISO 9712/Nordtest and EN ISO 9712

To achieve certification the candidate shall:

  • Documenting participation in a qualifying training course approved by the FC. Depending on the qualification level and method this will typical be 1-10 days.
  • Documenting industrial experience with NDT under qualified supervision.
  • Pass a vision test
  • Accept and sign the code of ethics, which is given in the application form.

Certification and recertification will be performed according to the following principles:

  1. The client/candidate acquires an NDT certification (standard, field and level, such as “ISO 9712/Nordtest, Ultrasound, level 2”) in our NDT Secretariat.
  2. Secretariat investigates/reserving space for education and examination.
  3. The client/ andidate receives
    • Order Confirmation
    • Request for proof of education (copy of the course/diplomas, diplomas, certificates etc.) attached our application form.
    • By re-certification completed application form
  4. Certificate can only be issued if the standard of education/experience requirements are adequately met.
  5. Cancellation can be made up to 6 days before the agreed start.
  6. The candidate participate in the agreed qualification (teaching) in a training body.
  7. The candidate shall pass a vision test (requirements can be obtained from the Secretariat).
  8. Before the examination the candidate receives an to be used on the exam papers.
  9. The shall be kept confidential and shall ensure an impartial evaluation.
  10. The examination takes about 1-3 days and typically consists of three individual samples,
    • general tasks,
    • specific tasks and
    • practical test.

See also the candidate’s duties during exams no.

  1. The examination papers are corrected by an examiner (censor).
  2. Certificate will be issued by fulfilling the requirements (experience, etc.) and passing the exam.
  3. If the exam is not passed, it is possible and retake the not successful part, twice (max) within two years from the first exam date. By recertification within 6 months from the first exam date.

Renewal (extension) of the certificate shall be made by sending the application form attached copy of the certificate to the Secretariat.

Appeals and complaints

If the candidate or the company is dissatisfied with FORCE Certification A/S’s decision or performance a formal written complaint can be forwarded to FORCE Certification A/S.