Conformity Assessment  – Pressure Equipment

FORCE Certification A/S is a Notified Body – NB 0200 –  according to  the European directives

  • 2014/68/EU Pressure equipment
  • 2014/295/EU Simple pressure vessels

Our Notification is based on accreditation from DANAK  (EA-MLA) accreditation no.: 9057, and no: 5008 (quality modules).

We offer Conformity Assessment according with Modules : A1, B, B1, C1, F , G, D, D1, E og H

If you need a Conformity assessment according to the modules E1, and H1 please contact us.

Our Notification is documented in the European database Nando

Christen Thygesen

Christen Thygesen

Technical Responsible - pressure