Certification of personal protective equipment (PPE)

FORCE Certification offers certification of personal protective equipment (PPE) in accordance with the current EU regulation PPE(EU) 2016/425. A certification of your product ensures you the necessary CE marking, which allows it to be sold and marketed on the Danish and European market.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) such as face masks, gloves, respirators etc. is regulated by the current EU regulation PPE(EU) 2016/425. The regulation covers design, manufacturing and marketing of personal protective equipment and ensures that only products of the highest standard are sold in the EU.

Therefore, your product must be CE marked before you can sell it on the Danish or European market. The CE mark documents that the product meets the requirements in the standards.

FORCE Certification offers to certify PPE so you get the proper documentation of the product’s quality for the market.

Jakob Steensen

Jakob Steensen

Head of Department

The certification process for personal protective equipment

A typical process for certification of PPE proceeds as follows:

  • The manufacturer fills out a certification application form.
  • FORCE Certification gives the manufacturer a list of the required technical documentation necessary to comply with the specific standard(s).
  • The manufacturer uploads technical documentation to FORCE Certification’s system.
  • FORCE Certification reviews the technical documentation according to the standards and contacts the manufacturer if anything is missing.
  • FORCE Certification issues a certificate to the manufacturer.

Certification by Notified Body

FORCE Certification is appointed Notified Body to perform certification of personal protective equipment. As Notified Body we have ID number 0200. FORCE Certification is accredited by DANAK, the Danish Accreditation Fund.

Our notification includes protection equipment in category II and III within the scope of:

  • Type examination of the product – module B
  • Follow-up inspections of the production – module C2
  • Auditing of the manufacturers quality system under Module D.

To obtain a certification of your product, you must comply with our certification requirements. Our notification areas are continuously updated on the NANDO-website.


To learn more about how we can help you, please contact Jakob Steensen by phone: +45 30 76 29 56 or send an e-mail to Jakob

Module C2

Module C2 is about follow-up inspections of the production of personal protective equipment (PPE) category III as described in Regulation (EU) 2016/425 Annex VII. Learn more about Module C2 and how to understand it in our FAQ about Module C2.

When submitting application forms you accept the FORCE Certification A/S policy for handling personal data in accordance with GDPR. The personal data policy is shown here.