FORCE Certification A/S has for decades been appointed as Notified Body (NB) by the Danish Working Environment Authority (WEA) to perform conformity assessments according to the European Directive for Personal Protective Equipment ( PPE ) 89/686/EEC. This directive has now been replaced by the new EU Regulation PPE(EU) 2016/425, after which we have achieved accreditation and notification.

Our notification ID is No. 0200 and the notification is accredited by DANAK.

Conformity assessment of PPE products may be declared until April 2019, but after April 21, 2019 all products must fulfil the requirements given in the new regulation, which often could include testing according to the latest standards.

Our notification includes protective equipments in category II and III within the scope of:

• Type examination of the product – Archicle 10 or module B

• Follow-up inspections of the production – Method 11A or module C2

• Auditing of the manufacturers quality system under Method 11B or Module D.

Our notification areas are continuously updated on the NANDO-website.

Kasper Munk Eliasen

Kasper Munk Eliasen

Head of Department

Information on new PPE-Regulation

FORCE Certification A/S has prepared an information letter describing the implementation of  Regulation 2016/425 for Personal Protective Equipment.


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