Conformity assessment of lifts

FORCE Certification A/S is an approved Notified Body (ID 0200) within conformity assessment according to Directive 95/16/EC on lifts – Lifts Directive (LD).

We are appointed by the Danish Working Environment Authority (WEA) as notified body in accordance with Executive order no. 692 of 10 June 2013 on the design of lifts § 12.

FORCE Certification A/S carries out tasks according to the Directive Annex VI and X.

The authorization is specified in the EU database NANDO.

Verification of lifts

In accordance with order no. 692 of 10 June 2013 on the design of elevators, § 11, (Annex 1 Article 8 no. 2), a new elevator shall before it is put into use as one of several possible control procedures have completed either a

The rules for the use of our authorization number 0200 is shown in our “ABC EU directives General requirements for conformity assessment of products, processes and services” and the rules and the process to implement the CE marking can be found from the CE Marking.

Application for verification

The following activities shall be carried out when the installer applies for final inspection or unit verification of a lift:

The installer completes and forwards FORCE Certification A/S’s application form.

The installer forward the documentation required for the verification.

Make appointment to carry out the practical testing.

The installer is responsible for supplying calibrated weights (with traceability certification) to the load test.

See the process flow for the two verifikationstyper.


If the notified body FORCE Certification A/S refuses to issue the final inspection certificate, it shall state the detailed reasons for refusal and indicate the necessary corrective measures to be taken. Where the installer again applies for final inspection, he shall apply to the same notified body.