Nordtest Testing Organisation – NTO

In order to issue the operating authorisation within the EN ISO 9712/Nordtest scheme, the organisation that the candidates work for shall be registered as an approved NDT organization that follows the EN ISO 9712/Nordtest scheme. Such an organisation is called a NTO.

FORCE Certification A/S (FC) is approved and registered by Nordtest Technical Group for NDT (TG NDT) as a Nordtest Independent Certification Body (CB), and can approve you as NTO.

What is a NTO?

NTO is an organisation performing NDT operations according to the EN ISO 9712/Nordtest scheme and is approved by a certification body e.g. FC.

The NTO issues operating authorizations for your NDT-operators.

The NTO may be a testing laboratory, an inspection company, a manufacturer´s inspection department or an engineering company.

To be accepted as a NTO your organisation must have or have access to a level 3 NDT person as responsible for your technical operations and a documented quality system for the NDT activities.

Requirements to NTO

If your NDT organisation is accredited according to EN/ISO 17025 or certified according to ISO EN 9001 and full fills the requirements of EA-04/15, you can automatically be registered as NTO by FC. Alternatively, FC can accept and register your NDT organisation if your organisation can document its competence in other acceptable ways (covering among other things a quality system and personnel qualifications).

How to become a NTO?

Your organisation shall forward the following to FC, (see also NTO-Ansøgning/Aftale, page 2 ”Oplysningsskema”) :

  • Name of Level 3 Nordtest responsible
  • Documentation of the QA system for the NDT activities
  • List over NDT-operators

When we have evaluated that the requirements to your organisations to be a NTO are met, we forward an agreement to be signed by your organisation. When we receive the signed agreement we issue a NTO-certificate (Registration of NTO).

The approval of the NTO are valid for 5 years, and can be renewed by forwarding a new application to us at the latest of 1 month before expiry of the agreement..

Tasks of the Level 3 responsible

The Level 3 NDT responsible person at the NTO shall supervice and issue the operating authorization yearly by signing the NDT-operator’s certificates, and shall perform the tasks listed in “DOC GEN 010 chapter 2.6”, which includes:

  • assure that the QA system for the NDT activities has been evaluated and is relevant;
  • handle complaints including corrective actions in conjunction with NDT;
  • record education, training, practical experience, continuous performance of duties and results of visual acuity test;
  • act as an advisor with regard to selection, calibration and purchase of equipment
  • shall make a yearly report to FC (se NTO-Årsskema).
Pernille Kirketerp-Møller

Pernille Kirketerp-Møller