IIW / EWF-IAB Welding Coordinator – Examination and Qualification

FORCE Certification A/S is authorized by IIW (International Institute of Welding) and EWF (European Welding Federation) as Authorized Nominated Body, ANB.

IIW and EWF has through the joint secretariat – International Authorisation Board, IAB joint qualification and examination activities. As ANB, we are the Danish IIW / EWF-IAB examination center.

FORCE Technology is the only authorized training body (ATB – Approved Training Body) in Denmark. The courses in welding technology forms the basis of examinations and diploma issue, according to the internationally recognized and implemented system, prepared by IIW/EWF-IAB and described in the guidelines:

    • EWF/IAB-252-xx, Personnel with Responsibility for Welding Coordination
    • IAB 041rx-yy, International Welding Inspection Personnel (IWIP)

Welding Coordinator (IWE, IWT and IWS)

The programs offer theoretical and practical basis for carrying out the coordination of welding work.
The programs offer the basic skills required to become certified under the
IAB guidelines for respectively Welding Engineer, Welding Technologist and Welding Specialist.
IIW/EWF-IAB examinations and the following issuing of diploma satisfies requirements for approval of welding coordinator as required, inter alia, contractors, authorities and standards such as ISO 14731.

Levels of qualification:

We perform examination and issues diploma to welding coordinators within the following skill levels:

    • International Welding Engineer – IWE
    • International Welding Technologist – IWT
    • International Welding Specialist – IWS

Weld Inspection (IWIP)

The programs offer theoretical and practical basis for welding coordinator to perform weld inspection and welding technical supervision. For IWE and IWT it also gives the basis for the management of inspection and control work and leading the operational staff. The programs provide the basic skills required to be examined under the IIW/EWF-IAB guideline for inspection personnel.

Examinations and the issuing of diploma meets the requirements for approval of inspection staff as required, inter alia, builder, authorities and standards such as ISO 14731.

Levels of qualification:

IIW/EWF-IAB system has the following three skill levels:

    • International Welding Inspection Comprehensive – IWI-C
    • Welding International Inspection Standard – IWI-S
    • International Welding Inspection Basic – IWI-B

Access Conditions

The admission requirements for the individual programs are based on the current labor market training and the experience the candidate has already acquired, see Access Conditions.

Before the candidate can register for the exam the candidate must sign a declaration not to misuse the certificate, see the requirements in the document “Declaration – IIW/EWF-IAB”.

In addition, the candidate should know his requirements to the process of examination, see “Personnel – Duties of the Candidate”.


IIW/EWF-IAB system is undergoing a continuous development and updating, so that it is consistent with the needs of industry and European rules, standards and guidelines.

Søren Petersen

Søren Petersen

Course Coordinator