Facts about the ISO 9712 / Nordtest scheme

The EN ISO 9712/Nordtest scheme (ref.: Nordtest Doc Gen 010 edition 6) for examination and certification of non-destructive testing personnel is the main scheme for certification of NDT-personnel in the Nordic countries. It provides a uniform level of qualifications of the personnel, which is acknowledged, accepted and sometimes demanded by authorities and users of NDT in most industrial areas.

The Nordtest scheme complies with EN ISO 9712:2012 and the requirements for certification and surveillance by ISO/IEC 17024. Additional requirements of examination and certification, as well as training before examination, have been developed to benefit the clients in all Nordic countries with regard to total quality.

The Nordtest scheme presumes, that the certification of personnel is performed on a Nordtest Independent Certification Body (CB), which are accredited according EN ISO /IEC 17024.

FORCE Certification A/S are approved and registered of Nordtest Technical Group for NDT (TG NDT) as a Nordtest Independent Certification Body, and can approve NTO’s.