Certification of NDT-operators

FORCE Certification A/S offer you examination and certification according to the following standards:

      • ISO 9712/NORDTEST scheme (what is this?)
      • EN ISO 9712

ISO 9712/NORDTEST Scheme and EN ISO 9712

The NORDTEST scheme states additional requirements to ISO 9712. It is as standard used for our certification process, If you want certification according to one of the other standards please state this on the applicationform.

Certification of NDT-operators has the following 3 qualification levels:

Level 1:
Operators who can perform practical testing under supervision by a level 2 or 3 operator.

Level 2:
Operators who independently can plan and perform practical testing.

Level 3:
The responsible person in the company, who employs level 1 and 2 operators. It is his responsibility, that the NDT-testings are performed in a responsible manner according to the QA-system.
We certify NDT-operator in the following test methods:

  • VT: Visual Testing
  • RT: Radiography
  • UT: Ultrasonic
  • ET: Eddy Current
  • PT: Liquid Penetrant
  • MT: Magnetic Particle

NORDTEST and the french certification body Cofrend  has signed a mutual agreement of recognition of certificates.

We are the danish approved NORDTEST-examination center.

Guide to Certification of NDT-operators.


The american certification scheme SNT-TC-1A (ASNT) can be used on very special areas, where NORDTEST and the other european schemes are more comprehensive and covers a wider area.

According to SNT-TC-1A the certification is performed by the candidates employer. The examination can be outsourced to another organisation.

FORCE Certification A/S can offer to perform this examination. The scheme is similar to the european schemes.

Jens Peter Besser

Jens Peter Besser

Technical responsible