CE-marking – how?

CE-mark overensstemmelsesvurdering

The CE-mark is the most used conformity mark, but some directives use a similar mark e.g. TPED – PI-mark and MarED – Wheel mark.

As manufacturer, you have to follow these six steps to affix a conformity marking (e.g. CE marking) to your product:

  1. Identify the applicable directive(s) and harmonised standards;
  2. Verify product specific requirements;
  3. Identify whether FORCE Certification A/S as Notified body is necessary to assist with your conformity assessment;
  4. Test the product and check its conformity;
  5. Draw up and keep available the required technical documentation;
  1. Affix the conformity marking (CE marking) and draw up the EU Declaration of Conformity.

The Blue Guide, contains guidance on the application of all aspects of the implementation of EU products rules, including conformity assessments.

Niels Ovesen

Niels Ovesen