FORCE Certification UK Limted will become an UK approved body under the CPR for assessment of cables. The certification activity includes product testing and factory inspections performed on a regular basis according to the requirements for AVCP System 1 + as specified EN 50575.

We are able to offer the required certification, including independent testing and assessment of the reaction to fire performance of cables. It should be noted that cables in this context cover data communication cables (including optical fibre cables), as well as electrical power cables and control cables.

The basic reference standard for cables and their performance with respect to fire under the CPR is:

EN 50575:2014 (incl. A1:2016) Power, control and communication cables – Cables for general applications in construction works subject to reaction to fire requirements

This standard specifies reaction to fire requirements, including test and assessment methods, and addresses also requirements for release of dangerous substances (cf. one of the essential characteristics of the CPR). Further it specifies requirements for type testing, factory production control (FPC), and which system shall be used for Assessment and Verification of Constancy of Performance (AVCP). EN 50575 defines a number of reaction to fire classes Aca, B1ca, B2ca, Cca, Dca, Eca, and Fca for which the applicable test methods are as presented in below table.

We provide testing according to the following standards:

  • EN 50399
  • EN 60332-1-2
  • EN 61034-2
  • EN 60754-2
Lars Lindskov Petersen

Lars Lindskov Petersen

Certification Manager

Test methods for reaction to fire classes

Fire classEN ISO 1716EN 50399 aEN 60332-1-2EN 61034-2 cEN 60754-2 c
B1caX bXXX
No performance determined
a) EN 50399 is a test method for bunched cables under fire conditions, similar, but not identical, to the IEC 60332-3-series. It has additional requirements for testing of heat release and smoke production during the test.b) Special conditions of test apply in EN 50399 to Class B1ca.

b) Special conditions of test apply in EN 50399 to Class B1ca.

c) Additional classification tests.

The results

The results from these tests may – under given conditions – be used as basis for the required notified body test report.

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