Notified Body 0200

FORCE Certification A/S is Notified Body with registration no. 0200.

In the table below you can see the range of our notifications with our reg. no. 0200 (or ID no.)
If you want more information or documentation please visit the EU-database over Notified bodies  – Nando.

Notification AuthorityScope of NotificationAuditor
Danish Business AuthorityConstruction Products Regulation (Byggevareforordningen)
CPR – EU/305/2011
DANAK Reg. No. 7020
Danish Energy AgencyElectromagnetic Compatibility EMC – 2014/30/EU
Radio Equipment RED – 2014/53/EU
DANAK Reg. No. 7026
Danish Maritime AuthorityEquipment in ships
MarED – 2014/90/EU
DANAK Reg. No. 7020
Danish Maritime Authority and DANAK
Danish Safety Technology AuthorityMeasuring Instruments Directive
MID – 2014/32/EU
DANAK Reg. No. 7025 and 7026

Non-automatic weighing instruments
NAWI – 2014/31/EU
DANAK Reg. No. 7025 and 7026

Danish Working Environment Authority (WEA)Pressure equipment
PED – 2014/68/EU – after 2016-07-20
DANAK Reg. No. 9057/5008/3001

Simple pressure equipment
SPVD – 2014/29/EU
DANAK Reg. No. 9057/3001

Transportable pressure vessels
TPED – 2010/35/EU
DANAK Reg. No. 9057/5008/3001

Lift Annex V og VIII
LD – 2014/33/EU
DANAK Reg. No. 9057

Personal protective equipment
PPE – 89/686/EØF
DANAK Reg. No. 7020


Under application:

  • Notification according to the new Directive for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Notification according to Construction Product Regulation (CPR) AVCP system 1+

Stopped notifications, due to markedconditions:

Pyrotechnic Articles Directive, PyrAD – 07/23/EF, DANAK Reg. No. 7020, on June 30th, 2015

Toys,  88/378/EØF, DANAK reg. no. 7020, on May 31st, 2010