below you will find a list of our authorizations issued by organizations and authorities.

Bureau VeritasFor the periodical inspections of offshore containers and portable units for handling on the open sea, as defined in BEK no. 1141 of 24/09/2013.Bureau Veritas
Danish Marine AuthorityInspection of off-shore containers
Inspection of tankcontainers IMDG
Pressure test of pressurized tanks
Danish Safety Technology AuthorityAT 190/2015 on the design of pressure equipment
AT 289/01 of 24 April 2001 on transportable pressure equipment, as amended
AT 685/13 on the implementation of Directive 2010/35 / EU TPED on transportable pressure equipment
Danish Working Environment Authority (WEA)Inspection (verification) body (3rd party):

AT 99/07 on the design, modification and repair of pressure equipment
AT 498/2024 on the application of pressure equipment

Danish Working Environment Authority (WEA) AT 70/80 Inspections of pressure tanks in ships
Danish Working Environment Authority (WEA)
IEC System of Conformity Assessment Schemes for Electrotechnical Equipment and Components (IECEE)Issuing and Recognising National Certification Body (NCB)IECEE
IIW/EWF-IABAuthorised Nominated Body (ANB) Denmark
Education and examination of personal for welding
Approval of educational institutions
NordtestICB approval of NTO (NDT operating authorisations)
Nordtest ICB
United States Coast GuardCertification and testing of personal flotation devices and/or Personal flotation devise components